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You're Safe Now
You're Safe Now
5.5" x 8.5"

On August 11th, 2012 I was returning home from trying to find something that could fix an error on my computer. We were on a busy stretch of road that is covered in stores and restaurants since many businesses are in the area too. In the lane to my right I saw a small grey kitten, not much older than 4 months, run into the street and under a moving car. The driver tried avoiding it but the cat was frantic and unfortunately was rolled over.

Now, I am a cat lover probably to the extreme and without thought got out of the vehicle I was in and ran the line between traffic lanes to that cat, praying to anything I could get it to a vet. Traffic stopped for me. Cars even pulled over, ready to help. But by the time I had the cat in my arms, it was gone. All I could do was walk to the side of the road that had a large grass clearing between restaurants and lay it down gently.

I regretted never having the ability to save it and wanted, in some form, for it to live on. I'm not a Christian, but I believe that there are guardians for animals, ones who will take them in when their time on earth is done and let them exist peacefully.

In the piece I have included three cats I have lost in my life. At the sill is Fang, a Siamese who had been abandoned by neighbors and unfortunately had feline leukemia, making it impossible for us to let him live with us. Under the skirt is Alvin, my mother's Maine Coon who died in her arms at age 11. At the left hand (our right) is my cat, Rusty, who died when I was 17. I'd had that cat since the age of 4. And in her lap is the nameless grey kitten, who isn't hurting anymore.

Love your animals and treat them well. Be their guardians on earth.


September 2012